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In addition to its enhanced plan offerings for married persons, The Will Shoppe offers a few more streamlined and less expensive plans which are principally designed for younger married couple with children.  Under these plans, a couple simply provide for each other and their children (as well as children of deceased children) and have more limited options in the event that their children do not survive them. These plans do not include any health care or property powers of attorney or living will declarations.

Before selecting either of these plans, it is highly recommended that you review the Frequently Asked Questions pages on this website in order to determine whether they are appropriate for you.  These plans are not designed to reduce or minimize death or any other kinds of taxes.

It is also recommended that you review the other, enhanced plans for married couples, described on the "Select Plan" tab, which provide for additional planning opportunities and do include the preparation of health care and property powers of attorney and living will declarations, if desired.


Each will would leave everything to each other or, if the other predeceases, then on to the children (the share of any deceased child passing on to such child's own children, if any).  The share of any child (or grandchild) under the age of 21 years would be held in a very simple trust for the child's benefit until the child reaches such age, when the remainder is distributed to him or her.  In the event that neither the spouse nor any child (or grandchild) survives, a choice can be made for distributions to parents or brothers and sisters.  The wills, of course, would appoint or designate executors and, if appropriate, guardians of the person for minor children.


This plan is similar to Plan 1, except that there are more extensive trust provisions for children (or grandchildren), including trustee appointment provisions and elaborated trustee's powers.  These trusts would provide for a single, or multiple, distributions to the beneficiaries at specified ages.

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If you decide to choose one of these plans, you should select the Questionnaire below which matches the plan.  After completing the Questionnaire, you should submit your responses along with your payment for the plan. The payment will be held by the The Will Shoppe in a special escrow account until the plan is completed.

Once the Questionnaire responses and payment are received, The Will Shoppe will prepare and email to you drafts of estate planning documents based upon such responses.  Prior to doing so, The Will Shoppe may contact you to seek clarification or confirmation concerning your wishes, especially where any responses are incomplete or uncertain.

Following your review and any corrections, and any further communications with you, The Will Shoppe will prepare all documents in final form for execution and mail them to you with execution instructions.  Should you wish any further services, please contact The Will Shoppe and arrangements can be made.

Before you begin, we suggest that you preview the Questionnaire so that you have available all the information requested.

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